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white ceramic bathtub near white bathtub

Beauty And Function To Soothe Your Senses

The bathroom is the place where most people start a busy day. If you are fighting your senses because of how your bathroom smells, looks or feels, its time to breath some new life into your home.

Close your eyes and imagine walking into your Luxury Bathroom. You turn on the new, modern light that no longer blinds you, like the 1960’s lights Pitt Brothers just removed last month. Just before you continue getting ready, you pause and reflect. Against the backdrop of a floating vanity, curbless shower, Free-Standing Tub and feeling the heated floors on your toes, you wonder….Why did I wait so long to make this dream a reality? 

Nothing makes a great day last ………. than starting it off right 

In a Luxury Bathroom build by the Blue Collar Family Construction. Your Dream is Here.

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Elevating your daily routine



+ Tile Shower

+ Freestanding Tub

+ Heated Floors

+ Vanity Cabinets

+ Quartz Countertops

+ Water Closet

+ Storage

+ Recessed Can Lighting

+ Tile Floor

+ Shower Glass


We believe it’s the small, final touches that make the greatest difference in transforming your house into a luxury home that perfectly reflects who you are.

From our customized design consultation to spotless installation, we’ll make sure everything matches your vision to the highest of standards.

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Dig deeper into the project specifics, clarify the objectives, and outline the steps we follow to design and construct the finished project


Explore different options for achieving the client's objectives, discuss the costs associated, and flush out the details and design aesthetics

Enjoy Your Home


Your Project Manager is on-site to coordinate all the work with regular communication and a weekly meeting with the client


At the completion, one of the company owners meets with the client to walk through the finished project, review the financials, and get feedback on the client's experience from start to finish.

Basic Bathroom Remodel


  • Give your bathroom a fresh paint job
  • new stock vanities
  • new light fixtures.

Can also include:

  • Replacing or refinishing your bathtub
  • installing new fixtures
  • flooring
  • wall tile

Average Bathroom Remodel


  • Install a new double-sink vanity with premium hardware
  • re-tile the shower and give it a semi-frameless glass enclosure

Can also include:

  • removing the popcorn ceiling if applicable
  • new floor
  • a fresh paint job
  • new lighting
  • new plumbing fixtures

High-End Bathroom Remodel

custom pricing*

  • Install a custom tile shower with a heavy, frameless glass enclosure. 
  • You can also choose a custom steam or body-spray shower if you wish. 
  • Can include reconfiguring your lighting scheme with its own smart controls available, and premium vanity and tile selections.

*contact us for a quote

The Value Of A Bath Remodel

When planning your major bathroom renovation, spending between 8-18% of the home's value for a bathroom remodeling project is typical. If your home value is $650K home, you can plan to spend anywhere between $52K and $138K on your bathroom project with an R.O.I. of 59%.

Besides the overall look you're trying to achieve for your space, multiple factors go into a full bathroom remodel:

  • Plumbing moves
  • Layout changes
  • Window relocation
  • Material choices
  • Number of fixtures
  • Upgrades like heated flooring, zero curb shower, steam shower

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